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11/11/2015 : A FANTASTIC period photo plus current photos of LML/50/22. Also discover how this car inspired me many years ago for my "astonuts" nickname !

10/11/2015 : Two large photos of LML/50/21 at Sebring.

09/11/2015 : Back ! At long last ...
                   News about LML/50/17.
                   Two new photos of the fabulous LML/50/26 restored to original glory.
                   News about LML/50/35.
                   AM300/1296, a 2 tones DB2/4 MkII. One of my favourite Astons ...

23/10/2013 : LML/50/35 to be sold in December.
                   LML/50/36 now painted.

10/08/2013 : AMC/48/3 page.
AMC/49/6 page.
AMC/50/12 page

09/08/2013 : New AMC/48/2 photo.

07/08/2013 : New
AMC/48/2 photos.
New AMC/49/5 photos.
                   New AMC/49/7 photo.

04/08/2013 : AMC/49/5 (a.k.a. the Le Mans 1949 DB1) page, including a short current video.
                   Works DB2 LML/50/9 Ramsgate photo identified thanks to Rupert.

31/07/2013 : Photos of AMC/50/13.
                   AMC/48/1 page.
                   AMC/48/4 page.
                   25 November 1949 Autocar cover featuring AMC/48/2.
                   The unidentified DB1s page with several photos.

30/07/2013 : New colour photos of AMC/48/2.

29/07/2013 : New colour photos of SPA/48/8.

28/07/2013 : Lauch of the DB1 REGISTER ! At long last ... Not all pages active ; will be updated.

23/07/2013 : Website is back after some months of standby. Let's start with four photos of LML/50/51.

25/11/2012 : Chassis number of car equiped with DP/101/14 corrected in the DP/101 registrer. Some history added thanks to owner.
                   Some more photos and an article about LML/50/70.
                   LML/50/36 being restored and for sale.

21/02/2012 : A photo of LML/50/13 and LML/50/15 under the snow.

17/02/2012 : Website still alive. After some personal problems, I am happy to wish you lately a Happy 2012 !
                    Some updates soon ...

23/08/2011 : A period photo of LML/50/29 found.

19/06/2011 :
LML/50/64 also has a nice booty with rear number plate enclosed ... plus a special light for racing numbers !

07/05/2011 : Some news ... at long last !
                   LML/50/17 has been sold and will run Mille Miglia.
                   LML/50/30, has been for sale for quite some months.

01/02/2011 : I'm back ... I will keep on updating the Washboard Register.
                   There is a major update about LML/50/19 or LML/50/21 as the first Vantage ; I re-wrote it all!

30/12/2010 : Getting up-to-date information and writing news pages of the same quality than before takes me too much time.
                   That's why I prefer stop the Astonuts website. I hope you have enjoyed it and maybe keep on taking some pages as reference !
                   Website will stay as is and you can still contact me.

23/12/2010 :
LML/50/21 was 2nd and not 3rd at Sebring plus articles about her.

21/12/2010 :
10 more wallpapers.

27/11/2010 : 119 wallpapers! Just to begin with ...
                   102 other wallpapers from Bonhams auctions site.
One more DB MkIII barnfind:  AM300/3/1392.

26/11/2010 :
One more barnfind soon to be sold at auction (on 7 December 2010, by Barons): AM300/3/1510.
                   One new photo of LML/50/21 plus articles about her.
                   Five new photos of LML/50/30.

25/11/2010 : One more barnfind soon to be sold at auction (on 7 December 2010, by Coys): DB6/2778/R.

21/11/2010 : Two photos of LML/50/47. That's one more "washboard" with photos!
                   A zoom on two badges of yesterday DB2 may help identify her.
Please see here.

20/11/2010 : A new period DB2 photo on the "sidetrim page".

17/10/2010 : Barnfind DB2 LML/50/235 to be sold.
Barnfind DB2/4 LML/659 recently sold.
                   Barnfind DB2/4 LML/737 recently sold.
                   Barnfind DB2/4 MkII AM300/1200 sold some years ago.
                   Unknown barnfind DBS #6 spotted once more on eBay.
                   One other barnfind DBS spotted on eBay.
                   A barnfind V8 spotted on eBay.
A barnfind 1952 Lagonda spotted on eBay.
                   A barnfind 1955 DHC Lagonda for sale.

28/09/2010 : A link to
MYT 625 site. This is LML/50/181, a famous racing Aston Martin DB2.

22/09/2010 : Unindentified washboard #7 is LML/50/42.
                   Both LML/50/31
and LML/50/42 colours are now known thanks to JLB.

18/09/2010 : Fellow Astonhill wrote you a fantastic page about the tools to be found with a DB2/4.

15/09/2010 : AM300/3/1490 and
DB4/331/R have both been sold for quite hefty prices... Barnfind Astons are all the rage!

03/09/2010 : Still unrestored LML/50/114 to be sold again by Bonhams, soon. Twice in "Ze Barn" !
                   LML/50/237: a DHC in "Ze Barn".
                   LAG/50/482: a 1953 DHC Lagonda in "Ze Barn".
                   DB4/331/R: a DB4 in "Ze Barn", to be sold soon.
                   DB6/3599/LAC: a DB6 in "Ze Barn".
                   Such a section will soon be added...

30/08/2010 : Colour or delivery date for LML/50/13,
LML/50/15, LML/50/16, LML/50/20 and LML/50/22.
                    A "new 1989" unknown ad featuring a washbord DB2 (#3 ?).
unknown washboard DB2 #8 might be LML/50/14...
                    An 1989 letter about sale of LML/50/12.
                    One more photo of DB3S/119 sent by Dom.
                    Four more photos of LML/49/4 sent by Dom.

29/08/2010 : A links page.

27/08/2010 : Was
LML/50/19  a bood buy? See a point of view ...
                   An article about LML/50/34 rebody.
                   A French DB2/4 that needed restoration (a very long time ago...). Unknown number 14 in "Ze Barn" page.
                   AM300/3/1490: a DHC DB MkIII restoration project ex Mrs David Brown to be sold soon.
                   An unknown DB6 in "Ze Barn".
                   Three DBSs in
"Ze Barn".
                   An 1950 DHC Lagonda in
"Ze Barn".

26/08/2010 : Period article with photos featuring 1951 Sebring cars i.e.
the three following DB2s: LML/50/13, LML/50/19 and LML/50/21.
                   Same thing for
Giant's Despair Hillclimb featuring both LML/50/19 and LML/50/21.
                   1955 reprint of
Tom McCahill's LML/50/21 test in Mechanics Illustrated.

12/08/2010 : A photo of
LML/50/10 (yes, VMF 37!) in derelict condition ! Hence also put in "Ze Barn DB2s".
                   A fabulous DHC DB MkIII in "Zebarn":
                   36 large (1296 × 864) photos featuring AM300/3/1778.
                   Remember my 
GREEN ARROWS? We now know what they show on the works DB2 bodies...

11/08/2010 : One DB2/4 in
                   A new photo of DB3/6 in chassis form.
                   Five DB MkIIIs added in "Zebarn".
                   One Australian DB4 Vantage in "Zebarn".

10/08/2010 : The "Zebarn DB4s" as announced on 28 July are now online. Sorry for the error...

09/08/2010 : LML/50/21 is the first DB2 Vantage delivered. Before LML/50/19. More information here.

28/07/2010 : About "Zebarn DB4s":
                   one more photo of the unknown DB4 #8,
                   two red barnfind DB4s,
                   unknown DB4 #9 identified as DB4/594/R by Rick.

27/07/2010 : Infos about LML/50/25. At long last a photo found by luck among old mag cuttings I kept for years !
                   LML/50/78 in "Zebarn".
                   A back shot of DB3/1.
A back shot of DB3/6.
                   A back shot of AM300/1107.

26/07/2010 : A 
fantastic 1952 colour shot of LML/50/11.

17/07/2010 : A barnfind series 2 DB4 put up for sale.
A Vantage Zagato Volante project put up for sale !!!

10/07/2010 : Five photos of

22/06/2010 : Two superb shots of an unknown derelict DB4 (since restored).
LML/778 : a derelict DB2/4.
                   H8/791/LT : a superb unrestored prewar Aston.

21/06/2010 : About the fabulous DBC engine available for the DB MkIII. A fantastic find!

07/06/2010 : Three extraordinary photos of the unknown DB MkIII #5 (in "Ze Barn").

27/05/2010 : LML/50/21's 1951 test by
Tom McCahill. Thanks Marc.
                   FHC on DB3 chassis : two more photos (DB3/5 and DB3/6 early body evolution rewritten once more!). Thanks Alex.
LML/1052 (DHC) added in "Ze Barn".
added in "Ze Barn".
                   DB6/3195/R added in "Ze Barn".

22/05/2010 : Many superb photos of
LML/49/4 taken at the Villa d'Este. With two/three mistakes corrected (including first restoration date).
                   Both LML/50/9 and LML/50/12 sold (by Bonhams).
                        Two new DB2/4s in "Ze Barn": LML/522 and ??? #12.

18/05/2010 : One new photo of LML/544.
                   Invoices for both ex-Dovaz
LML/50/85 and LML/50/177.

10/05/2010 : Some news about
                   Four new photos of LML/50/18.
Some news about LML/50/12.
                   LML/50/19 sold for a hefty € 291,200.
                   LML/50/26 is being restored with a great accuracy as a goal.
LML/50/30 : some new facts.

04/05/2010 : LML/50/8, shot in the street, in
third body style.
LML/50/8 at Silverstone in 1964, in fourth body style. SUPERB photo ! (merci DB2Hawaii)
Angela BROWN's LML/558: a new period photo clearly showing side strips and openings.
David BROWN (and family) own cars: "Spa Replica" (thanks Alex).

27/04/2010 : Barnfind DB5/1768/L to be auctioned on 30 April.
                   1992 photos of LML/49/4.

24/04/2010 : One more photo starring LML/50/39.
                   One other period advert with LML/50/5 (VMG 606).
                   Two more photos of DP 193 a.k.a. AM300/3/1300.
                   Three more photos of AM300/3A/1301.
                   Catalogue extract of 1989 sale of DB3S/119.

20/04/2010 : NLV 242, the Davron DB2 racer. This was a barnfind.
                   And the same day, identified as LML/50/247 by a very quick Astonhill !

19/04/2010 :
David BROWN (and family) own cars: a photo of AMC/48/7 and DB3S/120 added.
                   A new photo of LML/50/12. Almost identical to the one uploaded on 25 March.
                   One more photo of AM300/3A/1317.

18/04/2010 : A photo of LML/49/3 at Silverstone in 1952.

16/04/2010 : AM300/3A/1301 used by
David BROWN.

14/04/2010 : News about David BROWN (and family) own cars: DP114/2 photos and both AMC48/7 and LMA/49/2 added.

13/04/2010 : Some recent photos of LML/50/10.
                   LML/50/12 to be sold by Bonhams along with LML/50/9!

10/04/2010 :  I had the idea of this page for quite a long time:
David BROWN (and family) own cars
                    You are welcome to make it more complete.

06/04/2010 : Swedish news thanks to the fabulous little book of Bengt MÖRNER and Magnus NEERGAARD (see bibliography):
                       LML/50/26: two fabulous early photos.
                       LML/50/30: one more photo and some more history.
: one more photo and some more history.
                       LML/50/41: some more history.
                       LML/50/43: some more history.
                       LML/50/44: two more photos and some more history.
                       LML/50/46: some more history.
                   AM300/3/1778 in Ze Barn.

DB4/276/L: Just any car can be repaired...

30/03/2010 : This page is "upside down"! In reverse order if you prefer... Quicker to read for you.

                        One more early photo of DB3/6.

28/03/2010 : A new period photo of Françoise Sagan's DB2/4 (LML/796).
                   Two more period photos of AM300/3A/1317, a competition DB MkIII.

25/03/2010 : A new photo of LML/50/19.
                   A new
photo of LML/50/12.
                   A "washboard" seeking id.

24/03/2010 : RM Auctions catalogue now features text about LML/50/19.
                   Some new photos of LML/49/4.
                   Some modifications to the "washboard" pages in order to include LML/50/51.

20/03/2010 : One unidentified 1954 photo of a washboard DB2 DHC. Well, almost : it's
either LML/50/31 or LML/50/42.
                   Unindentified washboard #5 i
s LML/50/39. Also four more photos of this car showing some peculiarities.
                   28 photos of LML/50/19 from the RM Auctions catalogue.

05/03/2010 : Some photos and an article about LML/49/4 a.k.a. UMC 272.
                   LML/50/19 soon to be sold by RM Auctions.
                       New early photo of DB3/6.

16/02/2010 :
LML/571 added on the "Ze Barn" DB2/4 page.
                        An 1934 MkII Saloon in "Ze Barn".
                   An '
Old Speckled Hen' style DB6...
                   A very nice photo of LML/50/13 at Sebring (thanks to Dom).
                   LML/50/51: a fantastic second-hand car!

13/02/2010 : After a computer crash and much work some news ...
                   Andy sent me history and photos of LML/50/11.
                   LML/50/9 a.k.a. VMF 65 soon to be sold by Bonhams.

30/12/2009 : An Italian DB2 added in "Ze Barn".
Photos and text of Christie's LML/49/4 1989 sale (thanks Dom).

28/12/2009 : LML/50/148: a DB2 from Cuba.
                   Unknown Washboard #6 is in fact LML/50/148 thus not a washboard !!!

27/12/2009 : LML/50/51 is also a washboard DB2 but I know absolutly nothing about her!

26/12/2009 : A new book, a necessary one: The History of th DB2's sold in Sweden as new cars. See bibliography.

27/11/2009 : Thanks to friend Dom, one new photo of LMA/49/1, two of LMA/49/2, one of LML/49/4 and one of LML/50/8.

26/11/2009 : Two new photos of DB4/396/L.

16/11/2009 : Some updates... In "Ze Barn", LML/549 was previously listed as ??? #6.
                   Two photos and some more information about LML/50/13.
                   LML/50/37: now with photos and some history.
                   Unknown Washboard #2 is in fact LML/50/37.

03/11/2009 : Early history of
DB3S/113 now clear ; the photos of SXD 9 pictured it in its first form.

02/11/2009 : DB3S/113 modified in open form. I just can't see the point!

01/11/2009 : Already some updates on the FHC DB3S page as there was something incorrect about RRA Special engine and
                   also because Alex sent me an article about those cars! Furthermore, I found some photos of a FHC DB3S with SXD 9
                   registration but that's not DB3S/113! You may help...

30/10/2009 : A page that took much time for me to compile : FHC bodies seen on DB3S chassis. You'll find DB3S/6, DB3S/7, DB3S/113,
DB3S/119, DB3S/120 but also DB3S/105. As a bonus, DP155, RRA Special and 131-DB135.
                   Do you know them all ?

29/10/2009 :
LML/50/8 (a.k.a. VMF 64) was sold yesterday.

28/10/2009 : A photo of LML/50/6.
                        A photo of LML/50/49.

17/10/2009 : Many new current photos of LML/50/8 (a.k.a. VMF 64).

07/10/2009 : The identity of the ex Dovaz / Sleeping Beauties / Sarlat DB2s (in Ze Barn)  had been swapped. Now correct.

04/10/2009 : Two new DB2/4s in "Ze Barn": LML/664 and LML/707.

03/10/2009 : LML/49/3 : intérior photo turned the right way and one other added.
                   LML/50/30 : four new photos
                   In "Ze Barn", new photos of DB MkIII #3 and one new DB MkIII.
                   Also one new
DB2 (LML/50/80) and one new DB2/4 (LML/696).

10/08/2009 : In the Washboard Register: the page of LML/50/8.
In the Washboard Register: four new photos of LMA/49/1 from a French guide.
                   Three more photos of DB3/5 at Hyeres in 1954 and 1955.
Full article about DB3/7.
                   "Donald Duck" in Ze Barn!

04/08/2009 : The four different DB2 body styles

24/09/2009 : Two
nice vintage colour photos of LML/50/46.

23/09/2009 : More about Swedish Washboard DB2s: LML/50/41, LML/50/43 and LML/50/46.
                       There is new history of LML/50/41 and many fantastic photos
of those three cars.
                   Also one more photo of LML/50/18.
                   LML/50/41 added in "Ze Barn" as it's also a barnfind!!!

19/09/2009 : New facts about two Swedish beauties... LML/50/43 and LML/50/46.
                   Three more photos of LML/50/13 seen racing at Lime Rock in 2009.

18/09/2009 : Two ads from 1990 featuring LML/50/26.
                   Two photos of
LML/50/13 seen racing at Lime Rock in 2009.

13/09/2009 : In the Washboard Register: the page of LML/50/9.

09/09/2009 : Two new photos of DB3/6 including one when it was a DB3/DB3S/DBR2 special !

27/08/2009 : In the Washboard Register: the page of LML/50/7.
                   More new photos of

24/08/2009 : LAG/49/22 in Ze Barn.
                   Two more photos of 0205EL wearing DB3/3's italian suit...

20/08/2009 : LAG/48/04 and an unknown 3 litre DHC in Ze Barn.

19/08/2009 : Photo of LML/50/33.
                   Colour photo of the DB6 hard top.
                   A weird looking DB2 in Cuba.

18/08/2009 : Two new photos of  0196A with DB3/3's clothes...

16/08/2009 : FANTASTIC news of DB3/3!!!
                   One quote about DB3/6 chassis.
                   A photo and an article about DB3/5.

15/08/2009 : FABULOUS photos of DB3/3!
FABULOUS photo of LML/50/26!

13/08/2009 : The Roy Salvadori biography in the bibliography.
In the Washboard Register: the page of LMA/49/2.

03/08/2009 : New LML/50/34 photos in the Washbord Register
                   New AMC/49/9 photos in Ze Barn.
                   New DB1 in Ze Barn: AMC/50/14. It has a fascinating history!

31/07/2009 : Colour photos and history of LML/50/28.

30/07/2009 : One unknown washboard DB2 identified as LML/50/13.

27/07/2009 : In the Washboard Register: the page of LML/50/5.

24/07/2009 : In Ze Barn, new photos of DB6Mk2/4250/R (put for sale again on a site).
                   Some new information about LML/50/221, the DB2/4 prototype.

23/07/2009 : In the Washboard Register: the page of LML/50/10.
                   In Ze Barn, ??? #2 at long last identified: it's DB4/396/L .
                   One very important photo of XMC 77 found in the book Aston Martin en compétition.
                   The story of the "low" and "high" headlamps continue!

22/07/2009 : Updates now have to link to "jump" straight away to the relevant page.

21/07/2009 : Two new cars in the DB2 barnfinds: LMA/49/2 and LML/50/285.

18/07/2009 : LML/50/40 and LML/50/45 could well be the 1951 Turin show cars.
                   A page about DB2 sidetrim (also featuring LML/50/66, Phil Hill's own DB2).

16/07/2009 : Some delivery dates, colours in pages from LML/49/3 to LML/50/19.
                   DBR box meaning in the relevant page of Washboard Register.
                   Two new photos for LML/50/46.
                   In the Washboard Register: the page of LML/50/48.
                   A question about LML/50/6 bonnet: did it have an air scoop?
                   In the DP193 page: thanks to Chris from England, registration corrected 63 KMY and not XMY.

14/07/2009 : Some new photos of LML/935 and ??? #10 DB2/4s in Ze Barn.
                   Competition engines DP/101 register.
                   In the Washboard Register: photos of LML/50/16.
                   In the Washboard Register: a photo for LML/50/46.

12/07/2009 : In the Washboard Register: the page for LML/50/6.

09/07/2009 : In the Washboard Register: the page for LMA/49/1 and the one for LML/49/3
                   Also one more photo for LML/50/17 and for LML/50/19.

08/07/2009 : Discussion about the series of the unknown metallic blue DB4 ("Ze Barn"):
                   may well be a series 2 with Vantage headlamps.
                   DB4/1143/R added on that same page.
                   LML/659 added on the "Ze Barn" DB2/4 page.
                   Colour photos of LML/50/18.
                   Some more information about LML/49/4.

07/07/2009 : In the Washboard Register: the page for LML/50/11.
                   An 1993 ad for an unidentified car. See relevant section of Washboard Register.
                   New photos in the " Fully accessorised DB MkIIIs " page.

02/07/2009 : Many news in Ze Barn...
                   Thanks to Astonhill from Britanny for the Canadian DB2, the Belgian DB2/4, the American DB4 Vantage,
                   the DBS from the USA and both the Lagondas 2.6l and 3l
                   And, I also put photos of LML/50/17 prior restoration, one American DB MkIII, DBS/5337/R
                   and one burnt Aston Martin Lagonda...

27/06/2009 : Photo of LML/50/13 and of LML/50/35.
                   LML/50/43 colour photo source found again.
                   DB2 engine designer corrected.
                   Two more books in bibliography.

26/06/2009 : In the Washboard Register: the page for LML/50/32, a DHC with hard-top.

25/06/2009 : In the Washboard Register: the page for LML/50/26.

21/06/2009 : In the Washboard Register: the page for LML/50/17 and the one for LML/50/21.

19/06/2009 : In the Washboard Register: the page for LML/50/19, which is the first Aston Martin Vantage...
                                                                                                   and one of the most beautiful ever!

17/06/2009 : Many little news in "Ze Barn". Identification of DB2/4 #9, DB MkIII #2 and DB6 #1.
                   Wrong number for the DB1. DB2 #5 is in fact DB2/4 #10.
                   New photos for DB4 #2 (Spotter's Guide used by the way!).
                   Also one more DB MkIII.

16/06/2009 : A major addition (considering the amount of work needed at last...):
                    da WASHBORD REGISTER,
                    which means a pictorial review of the 49 first DB2s with three pieces grille...
14/06/2009 : A book added in the Bibliography: British Cars at Le Mans

08/06/2009 : DB5 and DB4 series 5 bodies: they are different !

08/06/2009 : DB5 and DB4 series 5 bodies: they are different !

03/06/2009 : Learn which is which: the Aston Martin DB4 spotter's guide.

25/05/2009 : At long last ! The ex Dovaz / Sleeping Beauties / Sarlat DB2s are identified. See DB2 page of The Aston Barn Project
                   Also LML/50/125 : a DHC DB2 ripe for restoration.

21/02/2009 : The site is not dead ! Some new barnfinds :
                    D4/420/L, a French DB2/4 MkIII (i.e. an early DB MkIII) and a DBS in parts...

14/09/2008 : Two new DB2/4 barnfinds but with unknown chassis numbers.

29/08/2008 : Three new DB2/4 barnfinds :
                    LML/835 (a DHC with a Corvette engine...) and two unknown (a Saloon and a DHC)

28/08/2008 : New barndinds : DB4/533/R, DB4/641/R and DB5/2226/R.

11/07/2008 : 5 new photos of DB3/6.
                   LML/50/70, LML/50/121 and LML/50/161 added in DB2 barnfinds.

08/07/2008 : THE ASTON MARTIN BARN PROJECT:  barnfinds and survivors...
                    3 pre war, 1 DB1, 14 DB2, 1 DB3, 15 DB2/4, 3 DB2/4 MkII,
                    1 DB MkIII, 9 DB4, 3 DB5, 5 DB6, 1 DBS, 3 Lagondas...

03/07/2008 : DB2: nice booty !

02/07/2008 : Aston Martin as art...

31/06/2008 : Hard top for DB4, DB5 ... and DB6 !

30/06/2008 : DP193 : The DB2/4 MkIII prototype

29/06/2008 : Fully accessorised DB MkIIIs

27/06/2008 : New photo of a MkII Saloon two tones of green
                   Three new photos of DB6 shooting brake
                   A new little book in the bibliography

26/06/2008 : New DB3/7 photos
                   DB2/4 MkIII, DB MkIII A, DB MkIII B: is it really clear for you ?
                   A chrome strip as a start of an historical point of view of the DB MkIII

25/06/2008 : New DB3 FHC photos

30/05/2008 : Two tones Astons

07/05/2008 : DB6 shooting brakes

02/05/2008 : FHC bodies on the DB3 chassis

21/04/2008 : DB4GT/0176/R: some photos

18/04/2008 : Belgian DB2 bumpers
                   Postcript on the DBS page

17/04/2008 : Some puzzling detail about the headlamps on several DB2s...
                   A strange DB2/4 ?

12/04/2008 : DBS : too wide.

11/04/2008 : Bibliography expanded. A source code is added in order to track documents in forecoming pages.

27/03/2008 : The site comes either in French or English and I put a background photo...

22/03/2008 : Site upload. Computer crash that same evening ...