Engine : EN4/49/5 then SPA/49/3 then VB6B/50/51 (DB2 Vantage 6 cylinder engine).

Registered UMD 123.

1949 Le Mans 24 Hours (Lawrie / Parker), 11th, 4th in class.

After Le Mans, Lawrie did a road trip to Switzerland. Back to England, he the DB2 Vantage engine fitted at Works. See Collectors Cars & Auction Price Guide below on this page for early history.
Lawrie explained that his Le Mans entry was totally private. "Everything was paid for. I never even received a free spark plug, and that is how I wanted it" he said.

AMC/49/5 and LMA/49/1.
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Sold at auction in 1989 :

Source : Thoroughbred & Classic cars, November 1989 issue.


Source : Collectors Cars & Auction Price Guide

Kindly sent by Steve. Unknown sale.

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AMC/49/5 for sale since 2012 :       

Here are some photos :




6 cylinder DB2 engine update done in 1950.
Le Mans plate indicates distance covered.

A small video can be seen here : 
(Gavin McGuire's website who sells the car).

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Please remember when hearing the sound that the engine is a 6 cylinder !

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