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In this page, we'll try to gather a wealth of unrestored, survivor or wrecked Aston Martins...

(previously listed as unknown DB MkIII #2)

This French 1957 DB2/4 MkIII appeared in January 2009 on Post War section of PreWarCars, a site to be recommended.
Please note I wrote DB2/4 MkIII and not DB MkIII.
For further information, have a look at this page on my site.



Here is a car I had tracked on several sites during three months! A friend who thought of buying it asked me to wait. Eventually he didn't and I am not sure this car was finally sold!!!
On the photos I found it quite nice but it seems it's not that much!

Furthermore, I was told that the biggest problem was it doesn't match the build sheet...



At first the car appeared on PostWarClassic at the end of July 2010. Here is the PDF: ... and the 9 photos .

Early August, on Classic  with 6 photos .

Early September, it was on eBay ... with 29 photos!  .

At the same time on Gullwing Motor Cars site  with the same photos.


Ex Mrs Daisy Brown. Please have a look at my page about cars used by David Brown and his family.
According to some Aston specialists, this could "only" be a demonstrator, not an ex Mrs Brown car.

This rare DB MkIII DHC will be sold by
Barons on 7 September 2010.



11 photos in this ZIP file :

Have a look at those two pages: here and here. Here are they in PDF:

It sold very well... Read Octane article:

Three BIGGER photos:


One more DHC DB MkIII in almost derelict condition. Restoration had started.
To be sold by Barons on 7 December 2010.


8 photos in a ZIP file:




This gorgeous beauty has recently been sold by Steel Wings.



Recently seen on eBay.



24 photos in a ZIP file:

History (PDF):

36 new large (1296 × 864) photos! Here are they in a 18 Mb ZIP file...

Source page in PDF (13 Mb!):

unknown DB MkIII #

(source Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, 11/1990)

unknown DB MkIII #2

See AM300/3/1357 on this page.

unknown DB MkIII #3

Seen on in March 2009.



History: (PDF)

Sounds like this car came back ! Indeed here what I found on the Post Vintage site.


Their ad :  and (PDF)

unknown DB MkIII #4

Again a DB MkIII for sale on the Post War section of PreWarCars, this time in the United States.


History: (PDF)

unknown DB MkIII #5

Four photos of a DB MkIII seen in the USA (but ex UK).



Three more fabulous photos found on Flickr. They are HUGE and of an exceptional quality.


Perfect wallpaper as far as I am concerned...

unknown DB MkIII #6

unknown DB MkIII #7

unknown DB MkIII #8

unknown DB MkIII #9

"Recently" refers to the 1980s...

unknown DB MkIII #10

Both a DB2/4 and a DB MkIII to be seen at Aston Service Dorset.

Source:  French weekly magazine la Vie de l'Auto issue no 90/07 (15 February 1990)  

                                                                                                                           Aston Martin Scrapbook