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David Brown (later Sir David Brown) had bought Aston Martin and also Lagonda and incorporated them in his own group.
The car department was something fun even if it was run seriously. It sounds logical that he had some Aston Martin cars... some of them very special!
David Brown's list of Astons appears to be an Aston fan's wish list !!!

I'll try to list them or as much of them as I can.
Also the cars used by Mrs Daisy Brown (his wife) and by their children (Angela and David Jr.)


G40/900 (Atom)

This landmark car was a car tryed by David Brown when he bought Aston Martin.

In his own words:
"It was late in 1946 that I read an advertisement in The Times, offering a sports car company for sale. I replied to the advert and, rather to my surprise, learnt that the company was Aston Martin, which was quite a name, even in those days. I went to see Gordon Sutherland, who had this little place in Feltham and a prototype of tubular construction, the famous Atom. I tried the car and found it had very good roadhandling but was very much under-powered. Nevertheless, I thought it would be fun to have and play around with, so I bought Aston Martin myself - completely outside the David Brown company - for £20,000. That was a lot of money in those days  and for it I got the prototype [read the Atom], a few rusty old machine tools and the services of the Atom's designer, Claude Hill who was very good." (source RAC1).

(Source: Wikipedia)

Photos (sometimes history) links:

AllSportAuto.com (wallpapers)

and THE Atom site: www.astonmartinatom.co.uk

LMA/48/1 (was SPA/48/1) (THX 259)
(David Brown Jr.)

Raced at 1948 Spa 24 Hours (St. J. Horsfall/L. Johnson). 1st (72.07 mph i.e. 115.96 km/h).
First David Brown car raced, first win !

                                                        (Source : FRO)

(Source : French magazine Rétroviseur no250, November 2009)

Rebuilt for Motor Show as "Spa Replica" with new body and engine SPA/48/4 (was SPA/48/1).

                                    1948 Show
                                 (Source : RAS)

Used by David Brown Jr. from 1948 to 1950.
Received new chassis SPA/48/8 in 1952 following a crash.

Much later ...
(Source : FRO)

Some more colour recent photos on AstonMartins.com

AMC/48/7 (TME 474) (Angela Brown & David Brown Jr.)

Two Litre Sports (a.k.a. DB1) shown at 1948 Earls Court Show then works experimental.
Car used by Angela and David Jr.

1948 Earls Court Show: AMC/48/7 next to a Lagonda (chassis number unknown)
(Source: RAS)

LMA/49/2 (UMC 65) (David Brown Jr.)

Used by David Brown Jr.

David Brown Jnr. driving LMA/49/2 at the Huddersfield rally still with Spa numbers !
(Source : 1996 AMOC Register)
More information about this car here.

LML/49/4 (UMC 272)

(Source AM Magazine v21 n88)

A " DB MkII ". Built specially for David Brown with a 6 cylinder engine. First one built for road use.
See this page from my Washboard Register for more information.

LML/50/5 (VMG 606)

                                                               (Source: FRO)                                                                 (Source: AM Magazine vol 21 no 88)

" Experimental Prototype DB MkII ". First true DB2.
Used by David Brown but left to Press and demonstration.
See this page from my Washboard Register for more information.


Often described as the first DB2 built for direct sale.
Nevertheless it seems David Brown used it a little while waiting for the prototype DHC LML/50/10 to be finished. Indeed LML/50/5 was extensively used for publicity and was no more available...
He drove LML/50/11 around on trade plates for most of the year testing the new heater / air system , hence it never being registered !

David Brown drove down through France to Cannes where he was approached by George F Schraft who was staying at the same hotel , he liked the car and eventually purchased it , he then drove it around southern Europe and Africa and eventually with the help of Hoffmans of New-York shipped it back to the USA , there the car had the top sprayed light grey and was placed in Schrafts showroom in Florida , Palm Beach Foreign Motors !

See this page from my Washboard Register for more information.

LML/50/10 (VMF 37)

(Source : Sotheby's catalogue, see this page)

(Source : RAS)

The DHC model of the DB2 was announced in June 1950.
LML/50/10 was built in time for the London Motor Show of October 1950.
It's in fact the DHC prototype and demonstrator even if it was in fact the personal car of David Brown who especially liked DHC. It was a welcome change for him after LML/50/5 and even more LML/49/4 as this car had the same specs than LML/49/3 which was known as "the Sweatbox". Fresh air was to come with a DHC!

See this page from my Washboard Register for more information about LML/50/10.

LML/50/8 (VMF 64)

Ex 1950 works racing car.
VMF 64 became David Brown's personal car because LML/50/10 was more used for demonstration.
It had been detuned (with a standard, low compression, engine).

For Le Mans 1951, a team of three new cars was intended. It would be one new DB3 and two lightweight DB2s and not three lightweight DB2s as sometimes told.
Both DP47 / lightweight DB2s registered XMC 76 and XMC 77 (chassis number LML/50/50 and LML/50/55) were on their way to completion before Le Mans but for the third car, which was to be the first DB3, it was becoming evident it would not be ready for the race.
So decision was made to call back "old" VMF 64 and send three DB2s.

See this page from my Washboard Register for more information about LML/50/8.


DB3/2 is the second DB3 built just after the prototype. David Brown had it built for him as a DHC!

I will soon write a separate page for this car as it's really fascinating...

Photo scanned by Alex.


David Brown later had another DB2 DHC.
Originaly had engine VB6B/50/1077 replaced by DP/101/5V, a prototype VB6J engine (a special DP/101)

I think this is the DHC DB2 you see at the center of the photo below behind DB3/1 at Le Mans in 1952. See this page for more info about DB3 FHCs.

(Source: FRO)

The car was for sale in 1989:

(Source : Classic & Sportcar, June & July)


Works experimental department 1953-1955.
It was a DHC soon converted to a FHC by Mulliners. This body type only appeared on the DB2/4 MkII.
Sold to driver Peter Collins in 1955 and used in publicity photographs for DB2/4 MkII.
Has had several engines and registration numbers (VMF 123 in 1974)
Once the property of H.M., King Hussein of Jordan.
Sold by Christie's in 1984 (at Beaulieu).
Has been restored to a show standard. A bit too much for my taste ...


This car has since often been seen for sale ...
Here are a few exemples (PDF): 
Family Classics Cars: Nicholas Mee: World Wide Group:  Russo & Steele:  

Finaly, here are 27 photos of this car in a ZIP file:

LML/558 (DHC, Angela Brown)

A DHC registered 68 AMF.
Has a side opening with a short chrome side strips.

1954 Was a demonstration car. Was VB6E/50/1289.
Later DP/101/39. See my DP/101 register.
1955 B.A.R.C. Members Goodwood (Angela Brown), 4th overall, 60.54 mph
        Oulton Park (Angela Brown), 1st class award
        Bristol M.C. Castle Comb (Angela Brown), 1st

eBay photo

Photo Tim Cottingham

LML/666 (Mrs Daisy Brown)

(Source: Bonhams catalogue)
A 2.6 litres DB2/4 used by Mrs Brown.
Was for sale by Bonhams in 2002.

DB3/7 (Angela)

DB3/7 has been built directly with a FHC body. First owner was Tom Meyer. In 1954 car was for sale by H.W. Motors (see below) and it was bought by Angela Brown (David Brown's daughter).

                                                                                               (source POST)
By the way, Angela Brown was to marry George Abecassis of H.W.M. !
Angela Brown had a new bonnet made with oval shape grille. Car was painted deep green.

Photo above on the left shows Angela Brown being chased by Peter Sargent's XK during at Silverstone in 1955 (source: VOL1). right photo from Alex.

It is often said (and written...) that DB3/7 is a small car with a somewhat cramped interior because Angela Brown was petite.
But the car was definitely not built for her !

She sold it in December 1955.

For more information about this car, see this page.


One of the three production DB3S FHC. See this page for more information.
David Brown is seen below with his friend Laurence Pomeroy.
David Brown always listened very carefuly what Pomeroy thought ; remember the "washboards" deletion (see this page).

(Source : AM Magazine Spring 1985)


Photos and information sent by fellow Astonhill.
Used by David Brown. This car had an experimental engine and a special interior.
Engine DBA/938. Registration was 140 LMC. Now in France.
Please see this page for more details about "3A" chassis numbers and MkIII types.




AM300/3/1490 (Mrs Daisy Brown)

This rare DB MkIII DHC will be sold by
Barons on 7 September 2010.
According to some Aston specialists, this could "only" be a demonstrator, not an ex Mrs Brown car.



11 photos in this ZIP file :

Have a look at those two pages: here and here. Here are they in PDF:

It sold very well... Read Octane article:

Three BIGGER photos:

DP114/2 (Mrs Daisy Brown)

One-off works experimental saloon (nicknamed the "Walls ice-cream van" because first paint was white with blue top) largely based on the DB MkIII but with DB4 front suspension and de Dion rear axle and originally called "DB4". The Touring option got on it.
First engine DBA/2. Now DP164/2.

Link to history by Tim Cottingham.

Two photos in its original livery (blue and white) sent by Alex:


With contrast changed, colours can be guessed. Note Dunlop wheels.
A kind of Facel-Vega HK500 look...

DP114/2 has been yellow with blue stripes !!!

(Source: AM Magazine Spring 1989)

It was hard used and rallyed ...

(Source: Classic & Sports Car magazine, February 1989)

Later it was restored to show standards. Quite a contrast with above photo ...

(photos Tim Cottingham)

By the way, DP114/1 was never completed.

an unknown DB5 registered EHX 8A

Seen on Flickr. Said to be ex David Brown.

an unknown DB6 Shooting Brake

Still used in the 1970s by Mrs Brown.


Recently seen on eBay.
This car was completed 5th July 1968.

A letter from the works stating DB ownership ...

Page (PDF):


A stretched DBS built for David Brown in 1969. Registered JPP 5G.
Originally with a 5 litre V8 and wire wheels (unique combination). Now with alloys and production 5.3 litre.
The basis for the Lagonda series 1.

A Lagonda series 1 (left) and MP/230/1 (right)
(photo Tim Cottingham)

Link to history by Tim Cottingham.

                                                                                                                           Aston Martin Scrapbook