DP/101 engines register

Here is an engine register. Maybe you'll shout "An engine register? What the hell is it for?".

First, this just can be for the sake of it! I like registers. I think I shouldn't tell a psychiatrist I love reading registers with just numbers aligned...

More seriously, this register is about DP/101 engine, which is not just any engine but the 3-litre competition engine of Aston Martin.
At first, it appeared to replace the LB6C of 140 b.h.p., giving 163 b.h.p. in the DB3 but it had also been seen in works DB2.
Later, the DP/101 was the engine of the works DB3Ss, whereas production DB3Ss had VB6K engines (delivering 180 b.h.p.). In this stage of tune the DP/101 engine developped up to 240 b.h.p..

An owner of a DB2 Vantage and a DB2/4 MkII Vantage told me that he really loved his DB2 but found it really underpowered when compared with the later DB2/4 MkII Vantage. Maybe the solution would be a DP/101-engined DB2 like the DB2 works cars...

In the table, "
unknown" means that I have no information at all about the engine.
Engines were not built with a car but rather "put in it" when the car was built.
DP/101/3 unknown
DP/101/4 In DB3S/1 in 1960. Replaced DP/101/36 and later replaced by DP/101/35.
DP/101/5V In LML/50/186 (a DHC DB2 registered YMD 170, a David Brown car). This engine is in fact a prototype of the VB6J engine.
DP/101/6 unknown
DP/101/7 In DB3/3. A DB3S engine was later fitted (in 1953).
DP/101/8 In DB3/2.
DP/101/9 In DB3S/6 in 1954. Replaced by DP/101/36 in 1956.
In LML/50/221, the prototype DB2/4 based on a DB2.
DP/101/10 unknown
DP/101/11 In DB3S/8. Later put in DB3S/104 (the famous OXE 474, Kangaroo Stable).
DP/101/12 Replaced VB6E/50/1220 in LML/508: a prototype / demonstration DB2/4.
DP/101/13 unknown
DP/101/14 Replaced VB6E/50/1350 in LML/670. Wrongly listed as LML/620 before.
It was put in the car by  the late Johnson-Ferguson esq. Bought from David Brown who used the motor in his motorboat.
DP/101/15 In DB3/1.
DP/101/16 Was in LML/50/55 (the works DB2 - DP47 - XMC 77) at a moment
In DB3S/7 from 1954 to 1956 (replaced by DP/101/46).
In DB3S/10 from 1956.
DP/101/17 unknown
DP/101/18 In DB3S/8.
DP/101/19 unknown
DP/101/R/20 In DB3/8.
DP/101/R/21 In DB3/9 that crashed in 1953. Later in LML/50/185 (a DB2).
DP/101/22 or 22/R
In DB3/6 in 1953 - 1954.
In LML50/9 (the famous VMF 65 - works DB2) in 1954-1955.
In LML/50/199 (the famous Jean Bloxham's DB2, registered JB 16) from 1955 to 1972.
DP/101/R/23 In DB3/10.
DP/101/R/24 In DB3/7.
DP/101/25 unknown
DP/101/26 unknown
DP/101/27 unknown
DP/101/28 unknown
DP/101/29 unknown
DP/101/30 In DB3S/3 from 1953 up to 1956 (when it crashed).
Then put in DB3S/4, where it replaced DP/101/32.
DP/101/31 unknown
DP/101/32 In DB3S/4 from 1953 to 1956.
In DB3/6 from 1965 to 1982 (sold, see this page of my site).
In DB3/5 from 1984.
DP/101/33 In DB3/5 (up to 1981 ?) replaced by a 3-liter engine.
DP/101/34 In DB3/4.
DP/101/35 In DB3S/5 from 1953 to 1958. Replaced by DP/101/H45.
In DB3S/1 from 1960 (replaced DP/101/4).
DP/101/36 In DB3S/1 from 1953 to 1960 (replaced by DP/101/4 and later by DP/101/35).
In DB3S/6 from 1956 to 1965.
There is a problem: where was it from 1956 to 1960...?
DP/101/37 In DB3S/2.
DP/101/38 unknown
DP/101/39 Replaced VB6E/50/1289 in LML/558: a demonstration DB2/4.
DP/101/40 unknown
DP/101/41 unknown
DP/101/42 unknown
DP/101/43 Put in LML/669 (4 AML, a demonstration DB2/4). This car had VB6E/50/1397 and VB6J/317.
DP/101/44 unknown
DP/101/H45 In DB3S/5 in 1958. Head from RB6/300/2 (a DBR1 engine).
DP/101/46 In DB3S/7 from 1956 (replaced DP/101/16).
DP/101/47 In DB3S/11.

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