A DB2/4 with low headlamps as the DB2s ?

You may have read my long page about some DB2 peculiarities.
After some DB2s with a DB2/4 bonnet (or hood...), please look at this roadtest published by The Autocar (October 1953) :

                                                            (source 48-59)

Don't you look something strange ?
It's funny this test was quoted once by a book and the only thing noticed was the grille which was lacking half the 'slats', which was common in the 1950s to prevent overheating.

Nothing else! But look below :



OK, I help you a little more :


That's it ! This is a DB2 bonnet !

It's absolutely normal (!?) because this is LML/50/221, the DB 2/4 prototype which has been made using a DB2 (hence the LML/50/... chassis number instead of LML/... chassis number of the DB2/4s).

Now there was something else...


The prototype retains the side window of the DB2 !

By the way, LML/50/221 later received a competition engine (DP/101/9) and was used as a Mille Miglia training car.
Registered YMP 200.

For comparison here is a production DB2/4 :


Also, if you look closely at the back, the 'hatchback' doesn't so well blend into the body on the prototype. Or so it seems.

OK so no headache for this one...

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