LML/50/5 (VMG 606)

Engine number: LB6/49/79.
LB6A/50/211 fitted in late 1950.
Body number 68001 (first "true" DB2).
Blue with grey interior.

Like all DB2 before LML/50/11 (i.e. from LML/50/5 up to LML/50/10, as the previous one LMA/49/1 to LML/49/4 are DB Mark IIs), this car was built without airscoop on the bonnet (except maybe LML/50/6).

LML/50/5 was called " Experimental Prototype DB MkII " at the works.
It was built for the development of the LB6 engine (that had started on LML/49/3) and much more for trying bodywork ideas as this is the " first real DB2 " after the four previous " DB MkII ".
Once more, it is important to say that the name was not yet definitive:
" Experimental Prototype DB MkII " and not yet " DB2 ". This will come later and then only the " 2 litre Sports " will be called " DB1 " retrospectively.

It has been said that LML/50/5 was o
riginally fitted with 2L push rod engine, then used as test car for new 2.6L engine.
I find this much unlikely, to say the least. And for two reasons:
- firstly, the chassis number. Indeed LML/50/5 means that the chassis was built receiving a 6 cylinder LB6 engine. With a 2 litre 4- cylinder engine, it should have been LMA/50/5. And in the works register it doesn't seem to have been so.
- secondly, it would not be logical. Indeed David Brown knew that the 4 cylinder was not enough and that the 6 cylinder was needed (he bought the Lagonda factory for that). The 6-cylinder had already been tried on LML/49/3 (and also on LML/49/4 for GT use).
Maybe, to be absolutely sure, we should check the chassis and look for different engine bolts...

Here are four photos of LML/50/5 in May 1950 at its public launch in front of the old airport hotel at Hanworth Air Park, Feltham.

                                        (Source: FRO)                                                                 (Source: AM Magazine vol 21 no 88)

                          (Source: AM Magazine vol 21 no 88)                                                             (Source: TAM)

LML/50/5 appeared everywhere! In adverts:


... and in catalogues. I put two photos I have found on auction websites because I don't which is the correct hue of blue!

Thanks Dom for this ad.

Brooklands agent sold the car to David Emmet.
It was seen in several events:

1952 : B.D.C.Firle Hill Climb (Emmet), 1st in class
          Lloyds M.C. Sprint Rally (Emmet), 1st in class
          Alpine Rally (Godsall), crashed

Godsall at the "Coupe des Alpes" (Alpine Rally)
Note the airscoop now fitted on the bonnet.
(Source: AMEC)

Here are some recent photos after a repaint in a kind of Cadillac green...

(Internet photos)

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