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In this page, we'll try to gather a wealth of unrestored, survivor or wrecked Aston Martins...


Out of the barn after a 35 years sleep ! Thanks Rick for the photos.




LML/549 (previously listed as unknown DB2/4 #6)


Much work needed for this one...


Fellow Hans sent me some photos of this car with those comments:
Sending some photos of my car LML/571 when we were about to collect it from a nearby town in 1995, and when my father and a friend of him started to strip it down. It had been in that garage for at least 25 years and it came with a Chevy Corvette engine, but fortunately they hade kept the original 2,6 litre, even though it had a hole on one side of the block that ensured a good crankcase breathing. But my father found a used block in England so now it has its original engine VB6E /50/1303. And some photos of 571 in the fifties, a couple of them taken at our yard. So yes, my father seemed to have done something on that car as well.





Source : Byron International

History (PDF) :

Much later sold at auction for £63,000 on 25 November 2010 by Historics at Brooklands along with LML/737 (also on this page):



Information (PDF): and

12 photos in a ZIP file:

Seen on website. A bit of "ratlook" or "hoodride" on this one... How nice !



Reg is MGG 340. The car has now been restored.

Source : Byron International


A car found by fellow Astonhill...


Maybe exterior finish should be left as is... Or only varnished.

Note the louvers both on and at the side of the hood. See below:


It seems that only one other DB2/4 was so equipped: LML/928. Both were first delivered in France.
Here is LML/928:

LML/707 is surely the only one DB2/4 with Messier shocks.
Exterior and exterior have been modified in the 1960s. Looks like bigger lamps were fitted below headlamps.


Sold at auction for £89,400 on 25 November 2010 by Historics at Brooklands along with LML/659 (also on this page).


6 photos in a ZIP file:


Source : Byron International

History (PDF) :



Source : Bonhams Olympia 12/2007

History with photos (PDF) :

             taille maxi... / maximum size...


Source : eBay motors

History (PDF) :
22 zipped photos (click on the following photo to download) :

Here are some ...



Some nice photos of this car found here on Flickr. The whole "Cool Cars" gallery is really smart by the way.



What I found the most striking was the YKT 423B because as a "B", it' a 1964 one.
Maybe this is a later re-registration, the first owner having kept the original (cherished ?).
I think it's much more probably an import.

But I also found that there was LML/800 (a DHC) that got YKT 871B ! Same DVLA office (KT looks like Northampton).
Only 449 numbers later !
And LML/800 is said to have been found in a barn in the 1990s...

Not really an unrestored car but a wrecked car... Writer Françoise Sagan's DHC

source : the French  the Blenheim Gang Forum

This is a weird photo: Sagan looks sad and the men looks quite amused!

LML/802 (Vignale)

Source : Aston Workshop

History (PDF) 5,7 Mb file !
38 zipped photos (click on the following photo to download) 5.08 Mb file ! 

Here are some of them :


Two period documents (reworked from
Aston Workshop)  



Sold on eBay Motors : a barnfind DB2/4 DHC with a Chevrolet Corvette engine.
A cool hot rod or to be precise a street machine considering the year of manufacture...


More power with a (shoehorned !) Corvette engine...



Seller showed photos of a similar model engine bay. Much work needed !!!
Source : eBay motors

History (PDF) :


Fantastic DB2/4 survivor !

Source : Bonhams 05/2001

(photo : catalogue)                                         (source :


Fantastic DB2/4 survivor !

istory (PDF) :
39 zipped photos (click on the following photo to download) : 

Some mouthwatering photos...


Source : The Gallery Brummen


Source :
Byron International & Marreyt Classics !

History (PDF) :   (Byron) &  (Marreyt)   

Byron photos :

Marreyt photos :

LML/935 (previously listed as unknown DB2/4 #9)


History (PDF) :

Source : Joop Stolze Classic Cars

Some more photos found on Anamera in July 2009:

On the left photo above, you can see a cream Lagonda 3 litre (saloon) at the back...

...and below, you can notice that THE HATCHBACK HAS BEEN WELDED !!!


Source : Marreyt Classics

History (PDF) :



Nice looking DHC but have a look inside ...


The 16 photos in a ZIP file :

Page in PDF format :

Link here.

unknown DB2/4 #1 (1952)

Source : Old Town Classics

History (PDF) :


Two large photos (2592 x 1944 !!!)

Here is a detail : some TLC needed...


unknown DB2/4 #2 (1955)

Source : Marreyt Classics

unknown DB2/4 #3 (eBay)

unknown DB2/4 #4 (eBay)


unknown DB2/4 #5

unknown DB2/4 #6

See LML/549 on this page.

unknown DB2/4 #7


History (PDF) :

Source :

unknown DB2/4 #8


History (PDF) :

Source : Post War Classic

unknown DB2/4 #9

See LML/935 on this page.

unknown DB2/4 #10

This one has an odd front restyling.
Considering the square hole in the bonnet, maybe there was a scoop.


26 zipped photos (click on the following icon to download) :

History (PDF) :

Source : Joop Stolze Classic Cars

The following photos were wrongly listed on my DB2 page under  ??? #5.

                                                                                                         This is a DB2 by Graber that put some confusion...      
                                                                                                               (source Automobiles Classiques n°135)
Two new photos in July 2009:


Cute Lancia Zagato next to it....

unknown DB2/4 #11

Cette DB2/4 était à vendre 30 000 Euros en Belgique en 2004. Merci à l'ami Astonhill pour l'info.


unknown DB2/4 #12

A car sold new in France and exported to California more than 40 years ago. Many thanks to Rick for the link.

Page (PDF) :

The 19 photos in a zipped file :

unknown DB2/4 #13

Both a DB2/4 and a DB MkIII to be seen at Aston Service Dorset.

Source:  French weekly magazine la Vie de l'Auto issue no 90/07 (15 February 1990)  

unknown DB2/4 #14

A vintage ad (1980s...). Would be nice to know what the car has become...

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