Engine EN4/49/5 with a Spa head
from LMA/49/1 engine (which had been fitted AMC/50/12, the latter now with standard head).

1949 Earls Court Show (with AMC/48/4)

This car is unique having a folding windscreen and shown with tonneau cover :

The following photos come from the Lagonda 1949-1958 website.
These pictures show Frankie Howerd with Peggy Cochrane, they were appearing at the Bradford Alhambra Theatre and my father Tony employed them to open a motor show he had organised at the old Westgate showroom of Charles Syndey. (Malcolm Scatchard photos)

The car still has its show reg plates !

Folding windscreen clearly shown here.

Frank Feeley with AMC/49/6.
Source : RAC2
Car wrongly said to be AMC/48/7 but folding windscreen gives a clue
as does different top more angled at back and removable side screens and quarterlights.

This can be clearly seen when compared with AMC/48/2 below. Also notice the square side window.

Source : 1992 AMOC register

Registered KOH 120.

Said "originally open 3-seater body, converted to DHC by Tony Oldworth".

1954 B.D.C. Eastbourne Rally (Oldworth), 1st overall and team prize.

Sold at auctions by Philips on 27 June 1989 for £94,000.


Photo sent by Astonhill

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