Engine number:
LB6B/50/321 changed to Vantage specs (and centre floor gearbox) on 5 March 1952, Jaguar XK120 engine and gearbox mid 60s, VB6B/50/308 ex LML/50/41 in late 80s restoration.
Gearbox: DBRC/50/302
Body: 68029
Colour: Sun Bronze with VM.847 beige trimming. Repainted in g
reen with different interior colour before 1955.

Registered in Sweden: A 55189 (11 January 1951, sold 22 January 1952), reg M 47012 (12 August 1952) (sold 4 October 1954, 5 February 1955), reg AA47153 (5 January 1959), B30327
(17 April 1959), T 12110 (5 September 1962, 11 September 1964, 15 July 1966, 21 November 1966, 20 November 1982), OGX 606 (2 October 1992).

B is vintage (pre 1974) Swedish registration for cars of the Stockholm county (outside Stockholm).
M is vintage (pre 1974) Swedish registration for cars of the Malmöhus county.
is vintage (pre 1974) Swedish registration for cars of the Örebro county.

1952 : Rally to the Midnight Sun. 5th overall and 2nd in class. Out of 170 cars! Best placed Aston ever...

Has had an enlarged rear window. Original type refitted during the 1987-1992 restoration (thus the
1996 AMOC register info comes a bit late in the history of the car).

Hans Svedberg wrote me about LML/50/43 because his father owned this beauty from 1956 to 1967 but he also wrote about LML/50/46.

LML/50/46 with B 30327 registration in the family garage.

LML/50/46 with T 12110 registration in the family garage. Note headrests.
Behind is LML/50/161 that may remember you something (just have a look at my page about DB2 barnfinds...)
Next to it is DB4/276/L being rebuilt after a huge crash.

Friend Alex sent me a link to get those recent photos of LML/50/46:

OGX 606 plate barely visible under original plate.


Rear window reverted to correct size.

Engine comes from
LML/50/41. LML/50/41 was owned by famous Swedish writer Brigitte Stenberg from 1959 after two previous owner.
Here she appears next to LML/50/46. Surely did she want to see again a car as the one she liked...

(Google pics photos)

Did Brigitte Stenberg know when she leaned on LML/50/46 for the photo seen higher that the engine of her past car was in it?
The answer is yes as could be confirmed to me... She had fond memories of this car and had many details still in mind.

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