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In this page, we'll try to gather a wealth of unrestored, survivor or wrecked Aston Martins...


Friend Alex sent me two scans from magazines Automobiles Classiques (French text) and Classic & Sportscar (English text).
HOW COULD I MISS THAT!? The ultimate barnfind or what?
LMA/49/2 was found, was to be sold at auction on September 2002 and was finaly withdrawn...



LML/50/? early one

Here is the letter from the seller I wrote to in 1988:



Things that make you dream...


DHC prototype. Seen here c.1971.

(Source: Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, March 1985 ; at the time I hadn't noticed that the washboards had been removed...)

LML/50/11 ex Sebring 1952

                              (source Thoroughbred & Classic Cars 08/93)


                 (source Thoroughbred & Classic Cars 08/93)


Before restoration:



See ??? #6, which is not LML/50/21.


Rebodied by Serra (Spain) in the 60s

        (source AMOC AM Magazine vol 20 n°82)                                    (source BUY)


                                    (source FRO)                                                (source Internet)


All photos sent by its owner who found it spleeping in a barn for 30 years !
Car was sold in Sweden. Registration A 48113.



Fascinating, isn't it ? See this page for more information.


                          (source : Classic & Sportscars July 1995)

Some restoration photos (thanks José) :


And an article about this car from Rewind magazine (PDF format) :


A DB2 Vantage found in Texas.

As reported in Classic Cars in October 1988:


Found on the Post Vintage site.


History: and (PDF).

LML/50/85 : was listed as ??? #1 (Dovaz #1) before.

First of the two DB2s in the world famous collection of "Sleeping Beauties".

                         (source : a French forum)                         (source Supercar Classics 12/1987)         

(source Supercar Classics 12/1987)     ---------------------->       zoom

(source : La Vie de l'Auto 17/08/1989)                 (source : Thoroughbred & Classic Cars 09/1989)
                                                           when at the temporary Sarlat museum

                          (source Schlafende Schönheiten ISBN 3-922294-71-5)

Two further photos previously listed as
??? #3


Arnoud op de Weegh who published a book about the Dovaz collection kindly gave me details :
This DB2 was delivered 20 December 1951 to Jean Michaud (France) to whom Michel Dovaz directly bought the car in 1964. Registered 5369 HE 75 (Paris).

The two photos above were taken in 1992 with some new paint.

Recently for sale in French weekly magazine La Vie de l'Auto (LVA, # 1381). 12 February 2009.
Here is the ad :
It says : French origin, totaly dismantled, perfect basis for historic racer...

See LML/50/177 for the other ex-Dovaz DB2.
Please note I had swapped the identities of both these cars.
Many thanks to Michel Collet, current owner of LML/50/85, for having brought truth!
Michel told me he intended to restore LML/50/85 in a way DB2s were raced in the early 50s. Indeed, too many parts are missing to allow a total restoration within a reasonable budget.

A works document (thanks Dom):


Source : Bonhams (Olympia sale, September 1997)


Again for sale ! Still unrestored !!!


To be sold 17 September 2010 by Bonhams again !




History (PDF) :

Source : Bonhams


For sale by Byron International as a restoration project (January 2009).


More photos by clicking on the following photo to download zip file :

History (PDF) :



When new. Note big rear window (also seen on other DB2s) and white "belly"...
Many thanks to for the photos.


The other DB2 of the ex-Dovaz collection.

                         (source : Auto Rétro)                         (source : La Vie de l'Auto 17/08/1989)
                      (second one is behind...)                        when at the temporary Sarlat museum

Arnoud op de Weegh who published a book about the Dovaz collection kindly gave me details :
This DB2 was delivered 10 December 1952 to "Papéteries Bourceer, Docelles, Vosges, France".
Others owners : R. Cuny (Docelles), Commander R.C. Fletcher (American Ambassy in Paris), Thierry Jacques Vincens (Paris), Michel Dovaz.
In 1996, the car was reported for sale 17,000 Euros (?).

See LML/50/85 for the other ex-Dovaz DB2.

                                   LML/50/177 and LML/50/85 gathered ...
                                                     (Internet photo)

Please note I had swapped the identities of both these cars.
Many thanks to Michel Collet, current owner of LML/50/85, for having brought truth!

A works document (thanks Dom):


To be sold at auction by Artcurial (7 November 2010).

History (PDF):

15 photos in a ZIP file:


Sold on May 2007 by Bonhams.




LML/50/247 : was listed as ??? #9   NLV 242

Recently seen on Davron website. This DB2 (registered NLV 242) was a barnfind a long time ago ; then it has been restored and modified as a racer.

NLV 242 is the blue car ; the dark red one is a DB2/4.

NLV 242 with laurels...



Source : Byron International

History (PDF) :


Source : Bonhams. Sold by them at Beaulieu on 13 September 2008 for £41,100.


nice touch!

All the photos in a zipped file (click on the photo on the right):

History (PDF file):

Source : Marreyt Classics

History (PDF) :



Source : Byron International

History (PDF) :


??? #1 (Dovaz #1)

See LML/50/85 on this page.

??? #2 (Dovaz #2)

See LML/50/177 on this page.

??? #3

See LML/50/85 on this page.

??? #4  1953 LHD DHC

Source : Marreyt Classics

??? #5  Graber ?

This was not a DB2 but a DB2/4. See  ??? #10  on the relevant page .

??? #6

                 (source Thoroughbred & Classic Cars 08/93)

??? #7

In Canada in 2004.

Contact stated is Back Street Heroes.
When you look at their website, you can see this:

??? #8


A 1951 DB2 (already) sold in Italy by H.P.E. First spotted on (on this page).

Here is the page in PDF: and a zip of the 9 photos :

It appears to need some work to say the least...

From H.P.E. site :


??? #9  NLV 242

See LML/50/247 on this page.

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