DP193 : The DB2/4 MkIII Aston Martin prototype
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The DB MkIII prototype is a modified DB2/4 MkII. Nevertheless it received a DB MkIII chassis number : AM300/3/1300 (the DB2/4 prototype retained its DB2 chassis number, see the related page).
This prototype received code DP 163. It was based on a modified DB2/4 MkII and had disc brakes all round news for an Aston Martin (see my page about DB2/4 MkIII, III A and III B names). Nevertheless, on the III As, disc brakes were only available at the front and were optional ! You had to wait for the III B to see it became standard.

The engine was totally reworked by Tadek Marek. It received code name DP164.

The prototype was registered 63 KMY. Here it is as seen
in Chris Harvey book . It was driven by Raymond Baxter and Jackie Reece in the 1958 Monte Carlo Rallye.

(source HAR)

I made a zoom for you :

I think you have noticed the chrome strip over the "low" windscreen of the DB2/4 MkII but the new nose and the new dashboard.

Two other shots of DP193:

I am sorry I forgot where do those photos come from....

Below left, the badge of DP193. Below right is an "ordinary" Mk III badge. Both photos have been found somewhere on the Internet. I am deeply sorry I cannot find where.

                                         DP193                                                      Mk III

Finally, a photo from the rear. Blue arrows show DB2/4 MkII caracteristics and red one show MkIII dashboard.

                               (source RAS)

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