Fully accesorised DB MkIIIs
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The Aston Martin DB MkIII was smoother than its predecessor the DB2/4 MkII but I found one with much chrome and whitewalls that appeared in the 1961 Enghien Concours d'élégance (photo below).
This car is AM300/3/1329 and is RHD despite being sold in May 1957 in France. It features many accessories such as foglamps, chrome wirewheels, whitewalls, a plate for registration plate (!) and chrome spears above the headlamps...

(source TLH)

July 2009 edit: fellow Astonhill from Brittany kindly sent me the following photos of AM300/3/1329.


You can notice that:
- the car, as one of the first DB MkIII is thus a DB2/4 MkIII (see this page about this)
- the shade of paint looks a little darker,
- there is a little strip under the door, which looks the part with the one at the back,
- there is no more foglamps, whitewalls or registration plate plate (!) ... and no more lady !

At Montlhéry, in 1987, I saw a clone. Well, almost. This one is LHD...


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