DB2 : nice booty !
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The Aston Martin DB2 is one of the purest and the most perfect shape ever. Its back has wonderful curves but had you noticed there were two types : with or without registration plate enclosed.

The " DB Mark II " as were called the first four prototypes already had the numberplate enclosed. Have a look at those photos of LML/49/4 which was once David Brown's car.

      (source : the French magazine Auto Rétro
n°159)                                   (source VOL1)
With LML/50/5 (aka VMG 606) we got the definitive shape. This car was sometimes called " the Experimental Prototype " and was also driven by David Brown ! This was before he could get the first DHC (LML/50/10 aka VMF 37).

                           LML/50/5                                                            LML/50/10
                                        (source AMOC AM Magazine v21 no 88)

But it seems that for export the shape of the registration plate in some countries was not adapted with the shape of the body. Or maybe it's the contrary !

I have never seen LML/50/6 which is a LHD model, which appeared at the New York show but it may already have the simpler shape. Of the first ten DB2s, other had the enclosed plate.
After this, I don't know for LML/50/11 (exported to the USA) but LML/50/12 is the first I can be sure it had the new shape :


               LML/50/12   (heavily reworked Internet photo...)              ... also seen on LML/50/289

You can see the plate is no more enclosed but it has nonetheless a chrome support.

It seems there is one other type where the plate is simply " put " on the body under the plate light. See photos below :

(source Auto Collection sold cars)

(source The Gallery Brummen via Anamera who stores everything for us !)

You could think "the enclosed plate type" was only used for some of the first forty-nine DB2s (those with the chrome three parts grille and side heat extractor) but that's not the case. I have some examples :

              LML/50/53 (a factory demonstrator)                     LML/50/57 (ex Le Mans 1951 with a supercharger)
          (source AMOC AM Magazine v21 no 88)

LML/50/59 you can see the bonnet move to the right in the corner at speed !
(source HAR, I made a zoom for you)

Also found here is LML/50/64, registered LXY 703. This Flickr page features some of the most beautiful photos of Aston Martins. You MUST go and have a look !
LML/50/64 was the reserve car at the 1951 Le Mans, it was sold to Faulkner in 1952 and raced by him and Jim Clarke in the Goodwood 9 Hours, it failed to finish because DB3/4 crashed into it. Purchased by Roy Smith in 1958 who did the photos.


Nice DHC Morgan by the way ... plus a rare RHD 4CV !

I have looked those photos in awe many times but I had not noticed rear enclosion of registration plate (green arrow below).
And there is still the lamp to put some light on number at the rear (red arrow) !

You can compare with
LML/50/59 that we have seen a little earlier:


I will end this page with ex Prince Bertil's LML/50/26. This DHC has an enclosed plate body. Here is the car when seen at Le Mans HQ in 1951 : the Domaine de Beauchamps.
At the left you have the race cars : LML/50/8 (VMF 64), LML/50/50 (XMC 76) and LML/50/55 (XMC 77). The three VMFs and both the XMCs featured enclosed registration.
At the center you have LML/50/26 with one other DB2 behind :

(source RAC1)
I made a zoom for you :

The car has now lost its bumpers (and special hubcaps). Here it as it looks now :

(source Motor Snippets)                                                 (source Don Rose website)

                                    (source Motor Snippets)                                  (source AstonMartins.com)

The rear of the body looks very round ! Body has really been shaved from its bumpers.

Go there to see how period colour has been found during restoration process.

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