DB5 and DB4 series 5 bodies:
they are different !

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While studying photos of DB4s and DB5s for my DB4 spotter's guide, I discovered that the DB5 body isn't the same as the one of the DB4 series 5, contrary to what I have ever thought and also to what is usually written...

You can go to my spotter's guide but I will gather here some information to explain what I found.

To begin with, just have a look at the rear of a DB4 series 4:


                         This is DB4/983/R, a Vantage car, sold by Bonhams in August 1999 at Quail Lodge (USA).


Now let's look at the DB4 series 5. From the rear, you actually see more space behind where the roof comes into the boot:

conceptcarz.com website)

I find it quite clear when you look at the photo below or the upper one at right.

                                                              (Source: COMPLETE)

A comparison (series 5 on the right):


Now, let's compare with the DB5:

Look at the photos below, all of DB5s and try to find something when you compare with the DB4 series 5:

(Source: conceptcarz.com website)                            

(Source: Supercars.net website)                                               (Source: ORI)

Have you found? I just discovered while making this page that the way the top comes into the boot is different. It "blends" for the DB5 and it's much more abrupt for the DB4.

Here are the backs of the DB5. You'll surely see what I mean as there is much less space between the rear of the top and the numberplate light.


I can't be the first one to notice that, can I?

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