LML/50/22 (DHC)

Engine number: LB6B/50/186
Colour: Sunshine Yellow with green interior! Just imagine that in 1950.

First production DHC. DHC prototype was LML/50/10.
Delivered 19 October 1950 by Hoffman Motor Co.

In the 1959 AMOC register, registration
was reported to be 7N 36-15 (USA).

Recently found on a fantastic website about vintage races, an extraordinary photo of a DB2 used in 1952 as a tow car for David Bill's MG racer :

The car is no longer yellow in 1952 but wheels may still be.
Also of notice are twin bumpers and special rear bumpers that we will see on the second version below.

In Auto Speed and Sport from October 1952, an article was published about one Aston Martin Mark II. For comparison, a picture was published with LML/50/22.
Colours of wheels had changed, front bumpers were removed and replaced by buggy-bars.
Cars was then said to be owned by R.E. Petersen.

Thanks to friend José, here are the cover and the page of this magazine (click to enlarge):


I made a zoom for you:

More about the special "bumpers" anon.

This fabulous car was featured in the 1955 film The Fast and The Furious. It wasn't the star car but could be well seen while spinning!
More information about this film on the excellent IMDB website.
You can download the whole film here or in 4 parts here.

By the way, for cars in movies, here is a link: (this is the Aston Martin page).
Here are screen shots from the movie:

The following photos are clickable to enlarge them:



You can notice on these photos the very special so-called " buggy bars " in VW-circles to replace the bumpers and special rear lights.

At first, I thought it could be LML/50/26 but #26 was not in America in the 1950s and had lost its three pieces grille quite early.

I "cut" the film for you and extracted the two scenes featuring #26 (WMV format).


You can click to read or right-click to download.

Much later, in 1989, this car was seen at the Monterey Festival concours where it came 2nd.
Here are two photos:

(Source: HERI)

(Source: Internet)

Also it was entered in the California Mille Miglia in

Current photos thanks to fantastic Tim Cottingham'website :


My "astonuts" nickname had been chosen after this registration !

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