Objects to be found
with an Aston Martin DB2/4 (MkI) when new
by Astonhill

1. Sales catalogues

2.6 Litre                                                                                                 
3 Litre

2. Handbook

Should you wish buy a genuine handbook, you'd better be very caucious as it MUST be leather bound. Many sellers offer repros, erroneously presented as original, either because they are unaware or because they want easy profit ...


This reprint seems to have been published with works authorisation and is an exact copy. Thus it's better to use it when working on a car to avoid staining an original handbook.


Here are the original handbooks:

DB2/4 (Mk I) – 2.6 Litre                                      DB2/4 (Mk I) – 3 Litre

DB2/4 Mk II                                                   DB2/4 Mk III

3. Tools

Accoding to the Parts Catalogue (sold by good Aston Martin specialits), this toolbox was to be found with "Shelley" and "Kismet" tools.

Tools were:

  Shelley spanner 3/16 – 1/8 (small size)                         Shelley spanner 5/16 – ¼ (medium size)

Shelley spanner 7/16 – ¾ (big size)
Round shape is very important!

Shelley flat pliers (this one is of the same size but not an original one)                                 Shelley screwdriver

"Kismet" air pression gauge                                           Spark wrench (same size but not original model)

Split tube at the end is used to open the radiator tap:


4. Jack

Built by Lake & Elliot and also known as Millenium, it lies at the left, in the trunk, secured by a strut. A screw allows piston height adjustment. Several types can be found. Here is one of them:


Here is the lever and where to find it:


This lever is often lost with the jack. It has a gab to be inserted on the jack, where "Millenium" is written. A ring, when drawn, allows to pull the lever out.
To lower le jack, just push down this gab.


Here is one at the front of a car, under a DB2 hood.

For the record, here is jack from a Mk III :


5. Air pump

Built by " Kismet". Found in the boot at left. Fixed by three clips. Once again, several other brands such as "Popular" or "car" can be found ...


On this photo, the pump is a little too small for the brackets.


One more under the hood of LML/50/21 :


6. The crank

On the DB2 and DB2/4 (Mk I and Mk II). Not to be found on a DB MkIII.

7. Under bonnet lamp

Here is the original lamp. Its sloping shape allows good orientation when the bonnet is open at full angle.


On LML/898 ...                                                                                            ... and on LML/842.

On LML/707 :


You can check on page 18 of the handbook (DB 2/4 Mk I, 2.6L or 3L).

8. Trafficators

Here is NAD 161 (LML/516). You can see the “trafficators”. To be found on many British cars from 35 to 60. Often removed…

I have no photo of one fully open.

You can see them in the DB 2/4 Mk I (2.6L or 3L) handbook (page 76):


9. Gear lever knob


Mk I and MkII model                                                              Mk III model

10. Radio

No precise information but here is one that is often seen in Aston Martins. It's very far from the driver !
Here is the better photo on LML/889
(ex Peter Ustinov):

11. Straps

Here are original straps that were fitted with the car:

Any baggage needed?

In a DB2 (LML/50/28, photo Virages magazine)                         Period Hermès advert

12. Steering wheel

Original steering is from Bluemel. Also found on some Bristols, Healeys and Jensens.

Here is a Bristol 400 with this type of steering wheel:

Here is this Bristol:


(Source : Internet)

A wood steering wheel is often seen in early Aston Martins... such as in "the Birds" film. Usually, it's a Motolita. It seems that the rim was from wood but now, rims are made from reconstituted wood (to avoid splinters in case of an accident).


Closer to the bakelite steering wheel in style, is the 16 inches. I'd rather have a polished one because the black anodized (surface tratment to protect and/or dress) was later standard on the DB4, DB5 and DB6.

One other example, period:

Found in one the nicest Flickr galleries ...

13. Garage plate

For the cars sold in France, a plate from Majestic Auto (addres was: 43 rue de Bayen in Paris - 16) was fixed at the rear of the car.
I once read it was made of chrome brass but I saw one in aluminium at Rétromobile show… Of course, I had forgotten my camera...



14. Extras

Something useful and looking nice in the glovebow: "le Guide Michelin"...

This page was superbly written by Astonhill. Translated and formatted to HTML by Astonuts ...


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