Did Belgian Aston Martin DB2s have special bumpers ?

I have noted something on Belgian DB2s : they have special bumpers !
I remember well two cars I saw at Montlhéry at the end of the 1980s. Both were registered in Belgium and both featured special bumpers which reminded me vintage VW Kombi Deluxe bumpers !
For those not very used to so-called 'barndoors' here is a photo :   
Please also note that some Porsche 356 pre-A with 'interim' bumpers had the same kind of bumpers (one of four they had by the way).

But let's come back to our DB2s. Here are the photos of those two Belgian DHCs :

                                       (I took those photos at Montlhéry in 1988 I think)

Also look at the black one : it features a side chrome trim just as an early press photo of the DB2/4 MkII. It was in fact a DB2/4 with a similar chrome trim to look like a DB2/4 MkII where the bonnet (hood...) actually opens on the MkII.

At this time, I thought the bumpers could have been put afterwards.

Recently I remarked this :

                        (source VOL1)

I knew this car for long and I had always thought it was a true British car but in fact it was delivered new in Belgium and brought back in England. It features RHD but at this time it was still common to buy an up-market car with RHD.

Nevertheless it's funny when you also look the front of this car as the front bumper is much more classical :

                    (source AM Magazine v21 no 88)                                                   (source VOL1)

Indeed look at the arrows :

                    (source AM Magazine v21 no 88)                                                   (source VOL1)

Finally, two more :

       (source AM Magazine v31 no 136)       (source AM Magazine v32 no 139)

The one on the left currently is registered in Holland but I wonder whether it was sold originally in Belgium or maybe whether those strange bumpers were also required in Holland (and maybe elsewhere ?).


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